Press Quotes

“Vanore’s touch with ensemble texture and color, and his sense of narrative timing, recall Gil Evans. The most ambitious Easter Island Suite…is patient and detailed and continuously revelatory, a musical portrait of wonder.”
—Thomas Conrad, Stereophile

“New sounds, new textures, and new ways of looking at previously held notions of musical tradition… Adventurous, innovative, experimental. Whispers of Spring… a master class in composition.”—Critical Jazz .com

“The intriguing trumpeter pushes expressive possibilities in the real of big band culture, armed with a progressive attitude, yet also with clear roots in tradition and timeless musical values.”—Josef Woodard, Downbeat

"Vanore’s strong trumpet solo accentuates his pristine melodic sense, yet while the large ensemble’s response to his lines makes an immediate impact, guitarist Greg Kettinger’s pointed underpinning lines quietly make the sharpest, and most lingering, statement." —Aaron Cohen, Downbeat

"Ambitious writing and arranging for the 12-piece ensemble by Philly-based trumpeter, John Vanore. Hauntingly beautiful…well crafted…stirring orchestration…edgy…swinging." —Bill Milkowski, Jazz Times

“…their sheer excellence exemplifies creativity in compostion and craftsmanship in the art of arranging…this music is rooted in its heritage while boldly forward looking.” —Thomas Conrad, CD Review

“As a soloist, Vanore plays his horn open with a bright searching tone. The writing is complicated enough to sound modern and highly crafted, but remains accessible…rich orchestration throughout.” —Greg Simmons, All About Jazz

"Trumpeter John Vanore projects a coolly assured sound on his latest CD with his pocket big band. Vanore continues to mine a stylish Gil Evans vibe…realms of coolness without failing to communicate." —Karl Stark, Philadelphia Inquirer

“Vanore and Abstract Truth conjure up the energy of the legendary big bands, including Woody Herman’s various Herds. What is different is the Miles Davis-like sensitivity to the melodies and solos. The expressiveness that Vanore injects into the solos gives the listener places to land between the energetic movements…wonderful islands of musicality.”
—Chuck Vecoli, Jazz Review

"...Contagious Words is an excellent album, and important voice of contemporary orchestral jazz...a confirmation of John Vanore’s great compositional talent and imaginative approach to arranging. He plays his big band like an instrument."
—Piotr Siatkowski

“The thing this group projects…is total involvement, a true lust for living that will capture your ears and not let go until the last note. …Most highly recommended, with a phenomenal “EQ” (energy quotient)…volcanic!” —Dick Metcalf

“This group is definitely a concert orchestra; the music is contemporary and relatively complex...exciting...and it does swing.
The rich ensemble work provides a background that, from the soloists’ viewpoint, is to die for.” —Ric Bang